Load Python Script error is coming

Hi i am trying to implement python script in workflow through python scope but after running the workflow error is coming as:-
Source: Load Python Script
Message:- Error loading script
Exception type:- System.InvalidOperationException.
I have attach workflow and script also.Sequence1.xaml (6.4 KB)


Can you add the code also? or else the screenshot of your code?

Try removing last two lines of code @Akshay_Singh if it working perfectly when you are running it manually

ya while running from pycham it run perfect

Just try this

same error is coming

Just give a try as, pass a argument in the function , may be the image path and pass the argument value from UiPath as

  1. Declare a variable and assign the path to that
  2. Then, pass that value in the Input parameters if Invoke Python Method activity as { variable }

then check @Akshay_Singh

no bro not getting same issue
i try like this

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Its working exactly fine bro,

just give the path with double backslash (\\) wherever you have a slash @Akshay_Singh

In script?

yes @Akshay_Singh

Hi Akshyay,
Try importing the Libraries inside the function.
You can give the path with either “//” or ""

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