Listening to a job until it is completed


Right now, I am successfully starting a job and, after some time using a timer, retrieve a job based on the job id.

How do I listen to a job until it becomes completed (programmatically, not using timers) until I make the query to retrieve the result from the job when completed?

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Hi @MaxT

What are usually do is we come up with a control workflow that handles such scenarios. Then controller will give the execute command for the job. Then the controller will not keep on waiting until the job is finished. The controller will start time to time based on its schedule to check whether the started job is complete or not. If it’s still running it will not execute the next steps and stop. If its complete then it will give the command to next steps.
This approach also helps to free out the resources used for waiting doing nothing.

However, with the very latest release of Studio they have introduced some orchestration solutions that also brings us a brand new set of activities to handle such scenarios. However as they said, the community edition of the orchestrator is yet to get the update as they said.

Check out the post from the below link