List of selectors used of process build

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In most cases a robot/process uses source and target application. These are being used by making use of selectors. When an application receives an update, we would like to do a regression test to test if the robot is still operating correctly. But we would like to be able to do a pre-check before regression testing.

Is there a way to generate a list of all the selectors used by a process?

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Hi @Dion87,

As part of the “Save” menu in Studio, there is an option to Export to Excel. Within the exported spreadsheet are all the selectors for the exported process. Take a look at that to see if it fits your need.


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Hi tmays,

Thanks for the quick reply. The export to excel function is the lay-out of the entire process, which will work, but it is quite time consuming to run through the code that way. Isn’t there a export function to see the interaction between source and/or target systems/apps with a ‘selector-perspective’?

Other option would be to build a generic activity our-self and add it to the library for future use because I see this being a request for all future robots we’re about to build if regression testing is deemed necessary when source and/or target systems receive updates.

KR, Dion

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Hey @Dion87.

I knew it would be a bit of a pain to pick through but not sure of any ootb solutions you’re looking for.

If you do decide to build an activity that would assist with regression testing, I’m sure @ovi would be interested in having it added to the Community Feed.

Good luck

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Hey guys,

Troy is right, for now the only built-in option is to Export to Excel the entire wf (or custom activity like)

I will move this topic to Ideas category so product team can check also.

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