List of exceptions

Can anyone list down list of commonly known exceptions in uipath.

Hi Monish,

There are quiet high number of exceptions you can observe in Uipath

It depends on the scenarios

Most common are

1)Null reference Exception
2) Unable to communicate with the browser
3) Unable to find the element with the selector

Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector
(ex. in a click activity, it cannot find the area you have indicated)

Like I want to know only the most commonly came across exceptions. Like 5 exceptions it is fine I just want to know when they get created.


These exceptions will change from one process to other process. We can’t say these are fixed exceptions will come regularly.

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hi @monish06,

Actually I do agree with @lakshman, because these exceptions are specific to their type of automation.
Lets say, If you’re doing some automation on file system… e.g. moving/coping files, then you may have get System.IO.FileNotFoundException (if file is not there on specified path) but you’ll never encounter any Selector related exceptions unless you use any clicks / type into etc operations on UI elements.

So there’re few frequent exceptions,

UiPath.Core.SelectorNotFoundException is one of the common exception when it comes to automating user interfaces.

This error usually occurs when using a variable with no set value.

System.ArgumentException , System.ArgumentNullException
The exception that is thrown when one of the arguments of invoked workflow is not valid, null repectively.


Thank you samir

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