Linq with if Condition and Datatable Update

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I have a datatable that contains various columns. Now, some of the columns are Invoice Number, Material, Price etc etc.
I am facing an problem while writing a linq, the condition being if Invoice Number and Material both are same then i need to avg the price and write in all the places. Like if One invoice number is present in 3 rows and all three rows are having same material then we need to avg the price in the 3 rows and fill in the price column of all the three rows.

For example,


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In general a Group By Case which we can handle as described here:

We would recommend to start with a hybrid approach

Groups | DataType: List(of (ListOf DataRow)) =

(From d in dtData.AsEnumerable
Group d by k1=d("InvoiceNo.").toString.Trim, k2=d("MATERIAL CODE.").toString.Trim into grp = Group
Select x=grp.ToList).toList

outer List = Groups, inner List = Group Members

For Each Activity (not for each row activity) | grp = Groups | TypeArgument: List(Of DataRow)

  • Assign Activity
    strAVG = grp.Average(Function (x) CDbl(x(“Price”).toString.Trim)).toString(“F2”)

  • For Each Activity (not for each row activity) | mbr in grp | TypeArgument: DataRow

    • Assign Activity: mbr(“Price”) = strAVG

When DataColumn Price defines a Not Object/String Datatype then we just would little adapt

Could not understand properly about that Assigns activities, can you elaborate that or send a screenshot of UiPath studio screen with these steps?


for further studies also have a look here:

So, there will be 2 for each? One inside another?

hey @ppr , how is this happening? I mean, we are modifying the dt_?list but how come the datatable is getting modified on its own? and what is the role of F2 in strAVG = grp.Average(Function (x) CDbl(x(“Price”).toString.Trim)).toString(“F2”)

initial it should look like this

each datarow is belonging to its datatable and is referencing it via the Navigation Property: Table. So when working with the datarow it is also relected within the datatable

Acting like a local loop variable. Reflecting the looped group member datarow.

We shared some links and also described it here:

Experiments can be done e.g. within the immediate panel
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