Link or Unlink to Test Manager Error

Hi ,

Currently working with uipath Test Suite. when I create workflows in uipath studio and try to publish it to test manager, the link to test manager option is blocked. I am using the studio version


refer from here


Hi @s.swapna8,

Before being able to do so, you are also required to connect to your test manager url from test manager settings option that you see right under “link to test manager”

Have you tried doing the same?


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47

I have connected to the test manager . But still the option is not enabled.

Hi @fernando_zuluaga

This document shows how to do manual automation only. But my case is to create a flow in studio and publish in test manager.


When I try to publish the test case g=facing this error.

Hi @s.swapna8,

Could you please confirm few things:

  1. Do you have testing license allocated?
  2. Have you created test cases in test manager for you to be able to link those to studio ?
  3. When u connected to test manager by giving its url in studio, it says connected or you saw some error?

Missing any of these can lead to the errors you are facing.