Line deletion in notepad

I am trying to delete some lines from the notepad . for that i am using hotkeys to find the reference point of the line i.e. some item number stored in the variable by using type into activity but always i am facing the selector issue .the bot is not able to identify the selector . it is showing as correct in the workflow but cannot understand why it is not working. Help me out with this or if anyone has any other solution for this please suggest .

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May i ask what kind of text file you are working with? Is this a csv? Will you be reading the result in the end or all you need to do in your automation is deleting lines from that file when you find some text on them?

I am reading using notepad . The scenario is that there are some lines in the notepad file which are actually error which needs to be deleted from this notepad (source file).But everything is dynamic .we never know that which line will be the error . i used some filters to categorize this. code till now is working fine i.e.,identifying the error and copying them to another notepad but i am stuck in this deletion part.

i need to delete lines from the file when i find some text (errors) .

ok, those error lines are always the same text?

no not same@bcorrea

no not same @bcorrea

see one way to do it, just need to work on the function so it will find all error lines:

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ok. i will try this.
Thanks .@bcorrea

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