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How can I get the license key if it is acquired thru UiPath Orchestrator? image

I didnt use stand alone license that’s why its giving me that error. I need to get my license key in order to submit a technical support ticket.


UiPath.LicenseTool.exe is for standalone license as the following document.

I think perhaps you should contact orchestartor admin of your organization to get (orchestrator) key.


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While your company purchased the license you will receive a document with the Keys

So you have to reach the person who is authorized to purchase the license / who is your head like project manager etc.,

They can guide you

Hope this may help you


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Hi @_maan,

If the license is obtained from Orchestrator. For all the supports ticket you raise, you have to provide your Orchestrator License Key. This should be available in the License Certificate Provided by UiPath when you purchased/renewed the Licenses.

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