License is not released after job is completed

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I have an issue with license management. I have one unattended license and two machines. When license assigned to one machine, it is just sticking to that machine and not released after runtime of process complete. As a result, another process which should run in separate machine is pending forever. (Without any concrete error I had to test and spend many hours to figure out what is the issue) I am using machine template in orchestrator. And both machines are assigned to that machine template.

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Are you using same user for both the machines as well?

Or if different same role is provided for both?

Are you using client id or machine key to connect the robots?


The first machine that connects to Orchestrator will consume your 1 x unattended license, until it disconnects. If you would like to run a robot on the other machine, you’ll have to disconnect the first machine to release the license.

You can read more about unattended licensing and runtimes here: