Level3 calculate instance

ı am making a project in level3 rpa academy.
ı want to use these informations for the project but ı couldn’t split method ı want to get client ıd and client name and client country information.how can ı do?
thank you.


Please try to search the forum if the query has already been posted. Below post should help.

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@burcu_argun use like this for every line
Split(inputtext.split(environment.newline.toarray(),stringsplitoptions.removeemptyentries)(0),":")(1).tostring it gives you output client id in the same way replace 0 with 1 and 2 for next values

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ı tried but is not working ,
what is the inputtext? is it get text output variable?

@burcu_argun the input text is your get text variable

@venkatmalla6 ı tried its working but there is a tab character before the value that’s why Result for sha1 out value wrong.
how can ı deleted tab character in front of the value
image how can ı deleted that?

@burcu_argun once you get the value say taxid variable use taxid.trim and assign it to a variable it will remove those.similarly for name and country.let me know if anything goes wrong.