Level 3 - Calculate Hash Activiy

Hi! I need seroius help with my project. I already passed the online quiz, so I’m half-certificated. But the thing is that I can’t even pass the level 3 activities. I’m stuck for 2 weeks with this one, the Calculate Hash activity.
It keeps giving me an error in the if condition in the init. I can’t get why. So, I’m attaching my project and if anyone has a clue or something it would be great.
(I have validated all and it has shown no error, so my mistake must be kind of logical I think)
REFramework_Calculate_Hash.zip (512.4 KB)

it will be easier if you could share screenshots of what and where went wrong though…

@Matias_Oliva … please check some guide tutorial for this assignment. It’s help to you for understanding your Calculate Hash project.