Level 3 - Assignment 2 - Yearly report - Element Exists

Hi there

The material says to edit the expression as follows:


My Code looks like this with an error “Value of type string cannot be converted to UiPath.Core.UiElement”. what am I doing wrong?:

You need to change that in the selector @ColinCrabtree,

Not in the Element property…

Hi @HareeshMR - I did that as follows:

I click OK and when I go back in it looks like this again:


Assign the selector to a new variable using assign activity and then pass that to the selector property @ColinCrabtree

@HareeshMR how to you pass it once its in a variable ?

assign activity to pass the entire string you have in a variable of type string and pass that variable in the selector field of the element exists property pane @ColinCrabtree

Cool - that worked. I also found that if I deleted all the existing selector text in the expression editor, closed it and reopened it as a blank expression editor, it then allowed me to type in the string with no error. Strange but true and a trick to remember.


Thanks for your help @HareeshMR - will mark your answer as a solution

Happy to help @ColinCrabtree :slight_smile:

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