Level 3 - Assignment 2 download Issue

Hi All,

I was executing the Level 3 - Assignment 2 activity.
It require us to download the file from the website and the content in the website is coming up as

“404 [Routes]”

Can any one please help.


Hi @Shubham_Varshney,
There is a problem with Acme platform. Our team is working on it. Please be patient and sorry for inconvenience.

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Thanks for the update… Could you please reply on this thread so I could resume the Level 3 certification. Once it’s fixed :smiley:

hope you guys could solve it soon :smiley:

Can you please give approximate time the problem will take to be resolved ?
thanks in advance.

Our technical team is working on it and unfortunate it is hard to calculate it. Problem is more complex than we thought. I know that it is not the best answer for your question by we need to wait.

any update on the issue ?

Hi @Shubham_Varshney,
From information we have from forum users and our team seems that problem should not occur.

thanks a lot for the update.

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