Level 1 training revamped Lesson 6 Part 4 video

In the training video the presenter is saying that you can use a label selector as an anchor as label selectors are stable (2:48) he goes to the label selector looks at it for a second and says “Yes it is stable” my question is what defines the selector as stable (that you can tell by looking at the selector for 1 second).

My issue with a lot of this training material for selectors is that it seems to be talking to you (in certain crucial areas like you are a selector expert and glosses over why something should be changed or what change is being implemented).

When he starts talking about relative selectors (4:52) he zips through a lot of stuff very quickly and not very clearly (as far as I’m concerned) That explanation was no help to me at all.

After the video there are a couple of links to selector docs. I’m hoping that going through them will clarify some stuff up.

In the docs the Attach to live element (to get UiPath to create a dynamic selector with wildcards when the ui element changes) is very useful.

There is no information about relative selectors and the UiPath Explorer information (UiPath Explorer) needs to be covered in far greater detail (preferably in a video with examples the documentation is too high level, needs practical examples that are not zipped through)

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