Using an Anchor


I keep getting an error message that " The selected control doesn’t have a reliable selector" It suggests I use an Anchor. What does this mean?


Hey @Nkululeko_Mindu_ZA

Please go through with this link to understand Anchor Activity.

please see an example here



Hi! I’m taking the RPA Academy Foundation training, there is an exercise where you use the record option to create a robot that type in the notepad. In the training video is only choosen the “format” option and UiPath recognize it, but when I try to do the same I receive the message: " The selected control doesn’t have a reliable selector". And also tells me to use an anchor. But when I run the robot it never find the “Format” tab and doesn’t click on it. Any help or explication will be very helpful. Regards.


I am getting a similar error too. Any help on this ? or were you able to find a solution @padras ? This is a problem even while trying to automate or work on browser which is very surprising