Level 1 - Foundation Training / Level 1 - Foundation revamped /Level 1 - Foundation 2018.3

Can Someone help me in understanding these ?

Are the courses -
i. Level 1 - Foundation Training
ii. Level 1 - Foundation revamped
iii. Level 1 - Foundation 2018.3

same ? If yes which one the latest one ? Which one I should follow / complete ?

Thanks in advance .


Buddy @Abhishek_Anand

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  1. Firstly all these three are same and describes about the basic training required to configure the UiPath studio and its menu, options and navigation, but the way they are delivered to us, to understand in a better way makes them different…contents are same
  2. Then actually the last one is the latest Foundation 2018.3 and you know you have already made that in order…great…you can follow the last one. buddy…if you would like to go for the latest version…and it depends on the person buddy, because each one feels good with any one of this set of Founation training pack…i studied the first one you mentioned, as the remaining two came later after a few months…the difference i found was the streaming of video was made with some cuts in their length of time and were split into small videos that would make lighter to view and makes more interesting, but in the first one the first lesson video itself is about 30 mins at a stretch…so i found that good been changed in the latest version…visual was good and precise…
    apart from that the content and practice test all were same somehow…
    So you can chose based on your mind set buddy…but this is how it would be
    So they are the same wine in different bottles
    Enjoy your drink and happy automation


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Any information still needed buddy @Abhishek_Anand