New Level 1 (2018.3) and Level 2 (2018.2) training courses

I’m just a little over half way through doing the 60hr Level 1 Foundation Training Course in the Academy. When I logged on today I see that there are now new versions of the Level 1 course (2018.3) and the Level 2 Orchestrator Course (2018.2) in addition to the ones I’m currently enrolled on.

My question is: should I enroll on the more up to date versions of the course or not? If I keep on with the course I’m on, will I have an obsolete qualification at the end of it, or have missed some training on newer features? If I switch to the new course, will I have to re-do the whole course from the start and lose 30 -odd hours of training?

Hi @Foehl

Although the bulk of the material is the same, the new version is simply more up to date with all the new features that were introduced in the 2018.3.

Personally, I would mostly care about completing the most recent course, even if it means redoing some of the material. Can seem mundane, but will definitely be a good way of rehearsing the material :slight_smile:

Having said that, if you are actually working with the Studio 2018.2 and not yet 2018.3, please complete the 2018.2 as it is more relevant for you.


I’m using the latest version of UiPath, so I think I’ll start back at the beginning of the new training.

Thanks @loginerror for the feedback and for keeping the training material up to date :slight_smile:

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