Letters coding after exporting from excel to txt

Hi guys

Its regarding polish letters

I store some data under excel file:

Next i want to get these data and send as HTML body, so what i am doing is:
From Excel exporting to txt file

After export to txt letters except first row like Ś or Ł
looks wrong:

PAWLUŚ | ŁUKAS Z | 15/0 6/202 0 | 18/06/2020 | POUFNE| 09062020_1.pdf
PAWLUŚ | ŁUKAS Z | other values
PAWLUŚ | ŁUKAS Z | other values

PAWLUŚ | ŁUKAS Z | other values (n)

But under email looks good except first row…

What can be wrong ? ASCI coding ? but ist only for first row…

Please check if there is something in your HTML code that is affecting the first line.
Another way if you don’t mind having a blank first row is to first append a line with blank data.
Create an append line activity outside the for each with text values “  …”


This is the problem with encoding, for read text file activity there is a property of “Encoding” set the property to UTF-8

Hope this helps