Let other people vote for a Solution on a Thread / Show more helpful contributions on the top through voting system

During my search for certain functions, I came across some very old but popular threads where the OP never responded and might be inactive and the Thread is still open for a solution.

It could be usefull if it was possible for others to vote for a solution or to Upvote/Downvote answers like on Stackoverflow to show the most helpful contributions on top. And rather than a timeline of messages, people could comment under these Solutions (like in Stackoverflow).

I’m an avid fan of the Stack Exchange network and their philosophy, as are other members of the community and would be great to see some of their functionality make their way into Discourse.

For existing functionality you have a couple features that can help out.

For bringing the most relevant replies to the top, when a post gets large enough you have the option to summarize the topic this is most helpful when the community itself decides what is important through their likes.

Try it out on this post

For reviewing, selecting or otherwise changing the marked solution you can take one of the following actions.

For fun… Jeff Atwood’s announcement of Discourse back in 2013.


Hey @codemonkee

I somehow agree with it but you know here matter how like is being used by users.
:slight_smile: if they understand their Like power very well then only it helps.
just being honest based on my past 3 years on this forum :slight_smile:


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This is true and I 100% agree with the sentiment but in order for the community to grow the community needs to help make it what they want.

The same concerns that you have, have been brought up in the past in the following posts and similar, which is why with the support of the forum staff, we now have community moderators to help address some of the concerns and hopefully foster the community to grow.

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Couldn’t Agree more…!!

This area we have to work because we have to get into the problem and best understanding before proposing any solution instead of dragging posts.

Agreed… Hope we will work as a team and understand the essence of it.
and display an exemplary effort to foster it to grow.


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We keep looking into ways to improve our moderation efforts. Sometimes we are limited by the Forum inner-belly, but we try to work around it. This is why we have came up with the idea of Community Moderators.

Community Moderators are granted trust level 4 (Leader) which allows them, among other things, to change categories, tags, and to mark solutions in topics.

We’re happy to jump on any suggestion that we can take action on though :slight_smile: (i.e. how to improve our Community Moderators imitative, maybe by pointing out to a cool theme component / official plugin of Discourse that would help our users out).

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.