Lesson 9 problem: wordsDT.Rows.IndexOf(row) + 1

Hello Im doing the Lesson 9 of UIPATH starter training
In the lesson 9 I tried to do an assign activity but I have this error :

Ex1.xaml: Erreurs du compilateur rencontrées lors du traitement de l’expression “CInt(wordsDT.Rows.IndexOf(row)) +1”.
Option Strict On interdit les conversions implicites de ‘Integer’ en ‘String’.

Sorry the error message is in french : Option Strict On forbid implicit conversionfrom ‘Integer’ to ‘String’.

I tried to download the solution but it seemed that the zip file is an empty sequence

Thanks for your help

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Hi all
Sorry I found my problem : my vriable type was the problem !!!
sorry for time if anyone spend trying help me

Best regards

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