How Native Citrix recording is different from Image recording

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There is new recording in Studio(Native Citrix). How it is different from Image recording. I didn’t find a difference in Native Citrix and Image Recording.

Can any one know about this in detail?
I have already gone through these topics:


In case of native citrix automation the concept of selectors is used locally on the remote machine. This can be done after installing the UiPath Citrix Extension and the Remote run-time component powered by uipath on the Virtual system.
This is purely an idea that can change the process of image based automation.

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I agree. Just one more question- It will also work in Remote Desktop(mstsc)

Provided the Remote Desktop(mstsc) also configured with citrix component i guess.

Can you provide me some more details ?

How to get the structured data on citrix server using native citrix recording?
While I m using screen scrapping from native citrix I see there is a discrepancy like for char ‘d’ its showing a ‘c’ , for number ‘8’ its showing as ‘6’. I have tried both google and Microsoft ocr with different scale but still the result is same . could u please help me on this. please check attached screenshot for reference of the structured data.