Launching Unattended Automation from Robot Tray to Run on Another Machine


I realize that the three ways of launching an automation is through Studio, the Robot Tray, and from Orchestrator.

However, I was wondering if it was possible to launch an unattended automation from the Robot Tray on my main desktop to run on a Remote Desktop elsewhere? Currently this is done through logging into Orchestrator and either scheduling the automation or running an ad hoc job.

I am able to do so easily; however, it would be easier and cleaner for other non-admin business users to launch the process from the Robot Tray instead of having to log into Orchestrator.

Essentially, is there a way to bypass having to use Orchestrator to launch an unattended process on a Remote Desktop?

You can create a simple robot (e.g. StartJobOverAir)
In that robot, you will define list of process/ robot for user selecting
Finally, robot will call API to register JobRun task to Orchestrator -> Orchestrator will start the job automatically

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