Language support

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If UiPath is supporting languages? If yes then can we fetch any language of data or any fix languages r there ?

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this topic would help you on this

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Hi @Palaniyappan,

I was reading the same topic only but they have written some of the languages and someone has written like, you can use any while data processing. Now I am confused that’s why again raised a question


got it buddy
these languages meant the one that can be used as a language in studio, like by default we have english and we can choose other languages to be used in studio
while for data processing we can take any languages to be processed

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hanks a lot @Palaniyappan. My only concern is, apart from these languages, can we use others? Actually in my requirement, there are around more than 10 languages so that I am asking.

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you mean in studio…if yes…that would be made as an update for sure in future releases…i mean the one you are expecting, but i m sure that would be there already in the existing set of languages…

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someone has written translator in previous answer. Can we use it how ? any idea ?

Hi ,
It supports more languages…


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Thank you na @balupad14, i was trying to mean same…
@hemal kindly check whether you have those 10 languages here in the list, if not it would be released in future updates

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