KTech Products - RPA Multiple titles, FTE, PT, Contractors, India, USA - Dallas - United States - Full Time

Job title: RPA Multiple titles, FTE, PT, Contractors, India, USA
Job role: Other Role
Country: United States
City: Dallas
Company name: KTech Products
Employment Type: Full Time
Seniority level: Senior more than 5 years

Job Description:
Life-changing opportunities!

We are looking to expand our workforce by 30% in India and USA; hiring 15+ UIPath Pros, Solutionists, Architects, Systems Integrators, Technologists, PM, Leads, Thinkers, Analysts, Programming Mindset, Result Oriented, High Performers, Passionate, and GoGetters type of professionals.

We welcome all individuals who want to make a difference in their lives.

We believe that employee success equals customer success.
Every day is a training day at KTech.
Every day is a learning day at KTech.
Every day we make our customers successful.
Every day we strive to become happier by creating value for ourselves and our families.

Do you know anybody who might be interested?

Resumes at Jobs@KTechProducts.com

Apply here: Jobs@KTechProducts.com


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