Know about G Drive steps 1

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Let’s Learn and Let Learn. Checkout this for knowing about working with G Drive Activities

First we will do the required set up okay…,

Now checkout the steps and do the required setup also leaving a video so that you can check that too

G-Suite Guidelines
How to Setup and Use G Suite in UiPath - Full Tutorial - YouTube

Fine , Now the setup has been done lets move on to next

Task Description

  • We need to find a folder from the drive folder and and get the files from that folder and copy them to the destination folder and send the mail with gsuite

Step1: Drag your Gsuite scope activity and configure the properties and select your authentication type

Step2: Find files and folder-> Will find the folder id of the folder (ie., folder name is Test(Source))

Step3: find files and folder → Gets destination folderid (for Destination)

Step4: Again a find files and folder → Get the info of the files inside the source folder

If you want all the items inside the sourse folder you need to give this condition
“'” + FolderId + “’ in parents and name contains ‘*’”
if you want a specific files give like
“'” + FolderId + “’ in parents and name contains ‘File name you want’”

Step5: For each will loop through the items you retrived from source folder

  • If Not currentItem.MimeType.Contains(“application/”) → Condition optinal to you if you want to copy the folder as well you remove this condition
  • Copy files from source to destination

Step 5: Use Send Mail Message activity to send the mail

Output Screen Shots

Attaching the sample xaml file
Main.xaml (18.2 KB)


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