Killing application using batch file replacement

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I have Unattented process developed in RE. There are couple of application like Chrome, IE and Oracle EBS application in this process, currently at the end of process or system exception I’m trying to logout of portals from the application if logout is processed as expected I’m killing all those application using batch files.

My question is. Are there any other full proof method to close all application for sure? even if those application are unresponsive? there might be a case where production server might have multiple instance and killing application in one instance can kill same working application in other insatnce.Please advice

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@kishore.shetty Use following expression in Start Process activity

taskkill /F /T /IM foo.exe /FI “USERNAME eq target_user”

Note: replace foo.exe with process.exe(e.g. excel.exe) and target_user with environment.username

It will resolve your both problems

  1. Surely kill the application even it is unresponsive
  2. Kills only the current user process so other instances will be untouched.

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