Kill Process "UIDemo"



Hi All,
I’ve been working on the UIDemo assignment and I am using the activity “Kill Process”
I have warning when I initially drag the activity into the work space. Initially what I have done is:

  1. Target => ProcessName = “UIDemo.exe”
    The warning disappeared.
    I have a question:
  2. Do I need to enter values to both target fields “Process”&”ProcessName”?
    e.g. When I enter values in both the target fields, I still get warning for Process field:
    Target => ProcessName = “UIDemo.exe”
    Target => Process = System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcessesByName(““UIDemo.exe””)
    Warning: Compiler error encountered processing expression System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcessesByName(““UIDemo.exe””). value of type '1 -dimensional array of ‘System.Diagnostics.Process’ cannot be converted to ‘System.Diagnostics.Process’
    Could anyone help me out with a brief explanation ?
    Many Thanks,


HI @skhiremath,

Any one is fine.



@arivu96, I will just use the “ProcessName” then. Thanks for your suggestion.


For the people who finds it challenge to understand both (Process & ProcessName). We have already posts regarding this in forum with some clear explanation,

Dom :slight_smile:


Thanks @Dominic