Kibana Tutorial

Hi all,

I have been looking into using Kibana a bit more. It looks incredibly useful but only once you get the hang of it and structure your logs/data in a sensible way. I’ve found a pretty good tutorial for using it if anyone else is interested. It would be good to see/hear about other things that people have been able to do with this. Some of the dashboards you can create are very nice looking :smiley:

There are three further parts to this.



@Teodor_Hoaghea @Andrei_Cioboata - adding the additional log fields isn’t particularly intuitive. Where can people find these examples?

Also, I noticed that when you do this you effectively create all of the log fields? Wouldn’t it be easier for the existing log fields to default into the Add Log Fields activity (to give an example) and if required you could remove them?


Hi Richard,

You’re saying the default logs should be visible when someone uses the Add Log Fields activity, right? And they should be able to remove them.
I think the default logs should always be there. Most of the Dashboards we are using are based on the default logs.
@Sorin_Stania has some details on this subject.


Hi Richard,

We don’t want to remove any the default log fields from the logs, cause like Teo said, some dashboards use them. We want to bring structure everywhere and allowing this will not help. Maybe more intuitive would have been to be named Add Additional Log Fields :slight_smile:


Yeah we’re on the same page. I was under the impression we were having to create the full log line. Maybe I misunderstood. So we’re just adding three additional fields? Sorry I should have checked the activity!