Kibana logs(without using orchestrator)

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We are using uipath studio 2017 version and we are using for attended automation so we have not taken orchestrator license.

Is it possible to generate kibana logs in uipath studio (2017) without using orchestrator

Please provide your valuable comments

If yes can you please provide the document to connect from uipath to kiban server

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Naveen Chaganti

@Eduard_Shlepetskyy :slight_smile:

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Hi @Naveen.Ch,
To be honest theres no dedicated integration. At least not with the studio.

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Hi @Naveen.Ch

Haven’t used this… but with or without orchestrator, uipath anyway creates the logs. If no orchestrator, logs are created as text files by default unless you also add these logs to a sql database.

If you can come up with a mechanism to extract the required items from these logs, you should be able to build the report in kibana.