Is it possible to visualize UiPath log file using kibana?

How can we visualize the UiPath robot log file using kibana or any other Software ?

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@ajay0007 - Yes, you can set the target in Orchestrator web.config. Please refer below guide:

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Hi, is it possible to get the logs of “” - I mean orchestrator for community edition. I am not able to reach to the log file itself.


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can we analyze the uipath RE Framework log files without using orchestrator ? i want to upload manual log file and then visualize it? is it possible ?

I think, Yes. you may reach to your log file folder from uipath studio by using shortcut - cntrl+l and copy them to another location. use it as your data source for KIbana [ or you can copy and insert to kibana db - they have this option to insert test logs ] . Then use this index as your data source . [ you may rename log file as tenantid-month format.]

Sorry i can’t find the option where can i upload my log file in kibana can you please share more details about it?

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Now Where i go for the uplaod log file ?

Hello please Reply?

Hi , please refer below link from kibaba- they go step by step on setting up some sample data after downloading it via zip file - then reconfigure them depending on your log structure

please go thru below training more on visualising orchestra tor logs

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Kibana is not WORKING without elasticsearch! Orchestrator has to be connected to elasticsearch, Log’s has to be saved there en THAN you can ANALYSE it with kibana.