Keep Retrying Until Text is greater than Zero


Is there way to do Keep Retrying until text is greater than zero?


Hello @Birdi

Yes create a Flow Decision Activity

and set you condition here


Mine uipath workflow is in the Sequence. can’t use flow decision

Just create a flowchart and take your sequence there.

You can do this with a While or Do While loop. Everything within the loop will repeat until the condition is true. Be careful that you don’t create an infinite loop

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Thanks. I’m currently testing it with Do While Loop. if that does not work well I will use flow chart to build the process.

I think there are two questions with this.

If you are performing steps multiple times, then yes a Loop is ideal.

If you are performing the steps one time, and checking a condition, then either retrying or continuing, a better approach might be a Retry Scope. You can set up the retry scope with an Is True activity inside the Condition section of the scope, which you can place a condition.

It also prevents infinite loops, if there’s a chance the condition will never be met. If that is the case, you can set a limit on how many retries.

I think Flowchart methodology will be similar to the Do While, where you will need to create some kind of timeout mechanism, if there is a chance that the condition will never be met.



Hi Clayton, I’m only performing the steps one time and checking a condition. Problem is It takes time when displaying all the the entries in the table when I press execute and I have element where it says zero but when everything is display it will say the number of entries in the table. I would like to avoid delay because it took 30 or 40 seconds etc.

I haven’t try is true activity before. Currently, I have do while loop and condition is if text is equal to 0 then keep looping and once table display all the entries,text will change from 0 to 1000 etc. then exist the loop

You might try the Retry scope too, like I mentioned where you place either an Element Exist or Is True in the Condition part of the scope. I use this a lot for dynamic wait periods, as you mentioned.

With the Do While loop, if your table never shows up then it will get stuck, unless you add extra code to calculate time and timeout after a certain period of time.


Thanks Calyton. I used is True activity with Retry Scope. It worked.

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