Keep columns in a data table but column names are dynamic

All ,
i have a data table which is having 160 columns out of which i want to keep 30 columns alone. now , which are these 30 columns will be decided at the time of execution using config file ! . i know datatable filter wizard , it can even accept variable names . but the count ? 30 can be tomorow 29 according to that particular day’s requirement. how to approach here?
i know solutions for this. but i need a solution from / with in uipath only

find some demos here:
RemoveDataColumns_V2.0.xaml (10.8 KB)

Both approaches define an array with the col names to keep

  • Approach 1: datatable.DefaultView.toTable(…
  • Approach 2: for each / remove datacolumn activity

Let us know your feedback

ok here is the problem , i tried both of the solutions ,
there are totally close to 200 columns and what is required is 20 plus cloumns, so removing 150 , 160 columns always is not a good optipon , especially when u pass column name as the argument.
secondly , with the view , it is ideal but when i pass the list of column names to keep as “colFilter” , the program is stuck. and as far as i reasearched on this , this is also due to the fact that we are passing column names as input.
“colfilter” for 3-4 columns worked , when 29 column names are concatenated then the program stops there , not technically stopped but stucked , not moving forward!!! i wated for 5 mins it no sign of moving forward !!

but on the other hand datatable filter wizard in uipath worked well but again it has to be either hard coded , or atleast the count of the columns to be kept is static. like u can keep 30 columns if u want to keep 31 columns then go and change the code , that is what a problem.

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