Filter Wizard Activity

When using the filter wizard activity, there is an input table and output table.

For the output table…how do we know what the column names are? Do we just assume it to be the same names as the input table column names?


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You can see a tab beside “Filter rows” that says Output columns. That will decide wheter to keep or discard whichever columns you need/ do not need.

If you specify (default) ‘keep’ then all columns will be retained.

Hope this helps.

There are two ways

of course it will have the same columns as we have in the input datatable
Make sure that the DT1 is defined in the variable panel with a default value of new


If we want to get only certain column as a output with the Datatable DT1
The we can mention the one we need here in the second tab Output Column

Hope this would help you
Cheers @alejohnson