JSON Object / Arrays - To datatable

After doing a lot of reading im still running into walls.

I’ve got a result back from an API containing employee data, I need to make that data into a datatable.

I’ve tried using the uipath.team JSON converter but that just puts all the data on one row, whether I choose data table of csv.

Above is about where I am at, it creates 4 text files that contain

File 1 = “isError”: false
File 2 = “Status”: 0
File 3 = “Message”: “The request processed successfully.”
File 4 = “Result”: [ then the accompanying data

if possible please share the JSON along the description on hoe the datatable should look like. Thanks


Try like this!

store the json output in (Dictionary variable value[strng],key[string]).

and try like this jsonoutput(employee name).ToString

so on…

after that take one add data row activity and write this to data table.