JSON Format in changes after uploading to Queue

I have this problem with my queue. I have this queue item that I upload which contains a json format in one of it fields. It goes like this for example

"Name": "Mark", 
"EmployeID": 339511, 
"Age": 25, 
"BranchCode": "AGF523", 
"Role": "Developer",

The problem is, upon uploading it in queue it will change to this

\r\n \"Name\": \"Mark\",
\r\n \"EmployeID\": 339511,
\r\n \"Age\": 25,
\r\n \"BranchCode\": \"AGF523\",
\r\n \"Role\": \"Developer\",

Now, when I run it, it will give me an error of

Invalid property identifier character: \. Path '', line 1, position 1.

I’m not sure why it changes to this, I have some queues who are perfectly fine, some of them just randomly turns into this.

can you show us the details when using it? Thanks

If it’s the original json file, it comes from API. I’ll try to add the json file here.

we have a need on how you fetched and consume the json from the queue item?
In general it looks ok and was just serialized to a string

Sorry, I’m not quite familiar with json yet. The error comes when I try to deserialize it. I’m just wondering why it would sometimes serialize it to string, when most of my queues are formatted correctly.

it is up to you to share the implmentation details or not. We can best help, when do know some steps from your implementation