How do i add queue which is of json string format to the uipath workflow to further add it to the input forms as data?

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After the Getting the data using the Get Transaction data activity

Pass them into to thh Deserialize Json activity and store them in a variable and that will be in type of “Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject”


By this you can separate them and fill the form

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Sorry a bit difficulty in understanding can u elaborate from the beginning step and explain

Okay @Arvind_Karthigayan

So for getting the data from queue you will be using Get transaction and then store them in a variable that variable will be stored as Queueitem datatype

Now Use the Deserialize Json Activity to make the string a proper json format

In the Json String Field you need to give your json string (i.e. a string)

To get the value of the data field in queue you need to use this expression


Here it will get the json value as a string and that string will be passed to the Deserialize Json activity

(Here Vafriable2 is the queueitem variable name i had , you ned to use yours)

Next in the properties panel of the Deserialize json activity change the type Arrgument to “Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject”

If you dont know to select type argument open for the steps



Next create a variable in the Deserialize Json


Now this expression will get you the seperate details you are asked to

Lets say you need to enter the order id , bookingStatus and currency in the form

JObjectVariable.SelectToken(“bookingStatus”).ToString ->This will get you the value ORDER EXPIRED

JObjectVariable.SelectToken(“orderId”).ToString → This will get you the value OD51252908

JObjectVariable.SelectToken(“currency”).ToString → This will get you the value INR

Like this you can seperate and add them in the form to the appropriate fields

Hope this is clear for you


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