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i need to generate a log file in JSON format. which packages & activities will be needed to do that?

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Kindly have a view on this thread

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hmmm thats sounds interesting.You mean you want to generate a log file directly to json format ? But if you have a logfile like Excel,Datatable,Xml theres a lot of components that convert to JSon format. @Abinayaab

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so is it necessary to put my data in an excel inorder to convert it into json format?
Here is what i did. i used an append line activity and added data in required format in the text, and named it using the datetime activity bz its generated everyday. But it has to be generated in json format. Is there a way to do something like this directly or is it mandatory to store it as a datatable and then convert in json?

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Not mandatory. You can directly do that with string operations.
You need to construct the json string as shown below.


And then you can use Deserialise Json activity to read the data.

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Hi @Abinayaab,
I do not think there are any particular activities in UiPath to produce JSON output.
You could try to find some 3rd party activities in GO! (https://go.uipath.com)

Or you could use directly the Newtonsoft framework for this purpose.



Yep I used the variable type from newtonsoft framework. it works. Thanks :relaxed:


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