Joining two tables but not getting expected output, PFB attached screenshots for clear picture

Hi Everyone, I’m facing an issue while joining Two tables, I am attaching input tables, what output I’m getting and what output i want. i have used full outer join, please help me to the solve the issue.


try with inner join


hope this helps

Hii @bharti.balasahebgodse

Use this Linq Query

From a In DT1
Join b In DT2
On a(“Name”).ToString Equals b(“Name”).ToString
Select DT3.Rows.Add({a(“Name”),a(“Code1”),a(“Group1”),a(“Age1”),b(“Code2”),b(“Group2”),(“Age2”)})



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The output you need is not possible with join even if you try to join on name as each row is not having data only few rows are having it…

Try to have name in eqch row then we cna join…but even then how do you identify which row goes to what row…looks like you are preserving the order of rows

Please provide an excel file with multiple data not only for one name…and the expected output ot see the combinations possible