Join very much pdfs

Hi, i’ve a workflow that check if an excel file is create in a folder, then start the job.
The job consist to read th B column of excel file, add a path before the value, check if path exist then add to a list and finally join pdfs to unique one.
Everything works fine, but when the pdfs are much more (around 200-300) the list don’t store the value and the pdf join action get error.

how i can do this? I’ve think to do a if else statment. If collected value is more than 20, create a batch list, join the pdfs and add the joined pdfs to a final list, then join all the lists. But if there is a solution to simplify the process, youre welcome!

I attach the workflow to understand better

Thank you

Distinta (476.1 KB)

Hi @Danny_Gi - So you want to combine all the 200-300 pdfs to a single pdf? what is the error you received?


It truncate the pdfs list. Dunno why

@Danny_Gi - Error states that it didn’t find some files specified in the List …it didn’t mentioned anything about the size…

if possible share the error log text file.

@Danny_Gi - I just tried to merge 231 files…and it ran like a champ with in 5 secs…

Input Files

Output File

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Youre right. My error is the check control of first file to collection. I’ve forget to add file.exist :expressionless:

OK, it works, but now i’ve another question: if file exist the worflow add to a list and do the job, But if file doen’t exist how i can add the filename to a txt (log.txt)? On every file that doesn’t exist new line in the same txt?

@Danny_Gi - you can use append text activity …

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Thank you very much. Really

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@Danny_Gi - if it resolved your query please mark as solution and close this thread.

I haven’t a mark as solution button :open_mouth: