Join data tables activity error

Hey Guys!

I came across a weird error (once again :), and cannot find the root cause of it. I kindly ask for your suggestions on how to proceed with debugging.

I am using the Join Data tables activity to join 2 data tables. Both data tables contain the ‘GLDEV’ id, which is totally unique (checked), thus I use it as key for the join operation. Pls find screenshot below:


I experience that tha activity would not perform as expected and studio seems to get locked for a couple of minutes before it stops working (‘Uipath.Executor.exe has stopped working’, so its not that the activity throws an error).

I checked input data several times now, header and key data elements match perfectly (e.g. 11110002USD), no spaces in the records.

This activity has been working in my previous .xamls for months now, the error appeared when I made a copy of the functioning .xaml version (and aligned the workflow according to business needs).

Thank u and cheers,


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Try with column index value instead of column name

Hi @oralolle,

1.Does the number columns present in the data tables same…
2.The data types of the columns also must be same…

Then only the join data table activity will work…


Thanks @Vineethkumar, will try!

Still column names in identical join datatables activities (in other workflows) used to work…

Thanks @Vashisht,

  1. I dont think the number of columns must be the same, since the purpose of the activity is to join data sets (stored in columns) according to unique identifiers (stored in rows). Apart from that The number of columns is the same :slight_smile:

  2. How do I check the data type of the columns of the data tables (to be joined)? I prepare both by populating them from a DataView variable. (I do not build them myself!)


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Could you please reflect on this?

How do I check the data type of the columns of the data tables?

I hope it’s not due to JOIN DATATABLE activity
Let’s confirm that once
Kindly run workflow in debug mode and try once so that we will be able to find where and why this error occurred
Cheers @oralolle