Job stuck at Initialization for several days

Hi there, I’m using REFramework on unattended bot. The job will start but it will never get past Initialization. It just sits there for sometimes several days, until I stop the job. Any suggestions on why it’s doing this?

Hi @rwalker ,

Check the log message where it’s got stuck.

Send the log message screenshot. Any looping is present or any message box?


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Is there any error you are receiving. please share us those exception details.

And also most of the cases job will stuck due to un deleted message box activity or some user input dialogs. please verify these details on the code if you miss anything before starting the job in unattended mode. thanks.

It was a user dialog issue. GetAppCredentials was prompting for user input credentials on unattended bot. thanks!

Glad to hear that you are able to resolve the issue. thanks for your response.

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