Job Stopped with an unexpected exit code : 0xE0434352

Good morning everyone,

I am trying to execute a query and even though it has been working for the past 6 months, a couple of days ago I started receiving the following error message. I can execute the query in an IDE with no issues but for some reason it’s failing in studio. Is there a maximum amount of records that studio can handle bringing back?

Hi @sasho1987,
Could you give us more details of the error. Additionally please let us know about which Studio version to you have, license type and maybe some screens from debug mode and the point where issue occurred.

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@Pablito thank you for your reply. I have engaged Uipath’s technical team and it seems to be that UiPath is running out of memory (initial hypothesis).

I wish I had more information from logs or any part but there are none that I can find besides that screenshot and when you expand to details, it is the same error.

I see. But as you said you have reached Technical Support right? They should help you with this. Please let us know about any updates or solution as it might be useful for other users on the forum :slight_smile:

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Hi @Pablito - I have not heard anything yet from technical support as I sent them back some additional information to help them identify the issue but in the meanwhile I found a work around.

The error occurred on an “execute query” step of the process. Instead of executing one single large query for all of the customers, I am now splitting the customers dynamically into multiple batches ( depending on how many customer there are).
This method is working now and I have not seen the error message yet.

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Thank you for sharing this workaround. Please also inform our Technical Support about this. If this is a bug your solution will help during fix development :slight_smile:

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