Job configuration not valid : Job will remain in pending state because of the following reasons: This job can run only under an account with credentials defined and there is none assigned to this folder

Hello everyone,
I am currently experiencing an error message that says “Job configuration not valid” when attempting to start a job in the Orchestrator. Despite spending a lot of time on it, I have not been able to resolve the issue and I start to struggle. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in resolving this error by providing detailed and specific steps to enable me to successfully run this job because it is still “Pending”. Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @Islam_ISmail ,

Refer to following thread:


This step doesn’t work for me ! when I type “whoami” there is no code shown to me, actually, there is nothing happens.

Do you know how to solve this please??


Try the same in command prompt or open system settings you would see it


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Thanks bro for your help finally it’s running successfully!

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