JArray.RemoveAt(ID) - Expression does not produce a value

I’m just trying to remove items from my JArray based on their position.
The JArray is working, as I use it to do stuff. I just want to be able to also remove things.



Hi @Axel_Albert,

Instead of using an assign activity, try using an invoke method activity:


If it solves your problem, kindly mark this answer as the solution.


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Thank you, it worked.

I actually tried invoke method before but it told me something along the lines of “JArray doesn’t have a method called RemoveAt”.
It was because I had to use the “parameters” property to put the value there… And I didn’t know.

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My pleasure, @Axel_Albert!

I am glad it helped you.

Yeah, the paremeters are extremely important when we are using this activity :slight_smile:

Unless the method does not expect parameters :sweat_smile:

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