Invoke Method & Dictionary <String,JArray> question

Hello all and thanks in advance,

I keep bangng my head at this.

I have a Dictionary of <String, JArray> like in the picture below.
Adding at first position or normal remove last works fine.

But I need to add elements at 2nd, 3rd, … position and I dont know how to do it.
For Dictionary<String,String> AddAt() / RemoveAt() works just fine but not with JArray :frowning:

For this example I want to get a Dictionary(Key).Value : [β€œ1000”, β€œ9999”, β€œ1002”, β€œ1003”]

Has anyone more information (Linq, JSON + UiPath) about the Methods and Syntaxes for JArray, JToken manipulation?

Thanls in advance.

find a demo here, showcasing a few creation and manipulation scenarios:
Demo_Dict_StringJArray_Actions.xaml (8.9 KB)

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You nailed it.

OMG you are the BEST! :slight_smile:

Thank you senpai!

I’ll need some time to study your approach but it looks VERY good and so elegant. Thank you again!

for your cross checks find docu here:

Ah yes the newtonsoft docu. It’s okay for coding but I find it a little bit frustrating to work in UiPath with it :smiley:

I will use this as a further guide . Thank you for the information.

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