Issues with Git running on a GCP Source Cloud repository

Hello all, I’m having a hard time making the Git from the Studio works with a repository located in a GCP Source remote. Basically when I try to clone the repository (or make anything on the remote side) I get a Invalid Authentication credentials. Usually this is an issue with the remote side, however when I try to do the same thing on Git Bash, it works flawlessly.

What GCP does is create the configuration on the %USERPROFILE% directory as two files .gitconfig and .gitcookies, the Git application than can use this to authenticate. It seems that the Studio is ignoring this, is there any place I can put those 2 files?

I’ve also tried to use SSH authentication, but since GCP uses ssh on port 2222, UiPath Studio keeps complaining saying that the remote url is malformed.

I can use git externally, so this is not a roadblock for now, but anything related to merging branches, looking to diffs or whatever, I have to do it manually, and for big projects this is a living hell.

If anyone had this issue, or know how to solve it, please let me know.

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I believe the malformed URL is a result of how UIPath saves the URL when setting up Git.
If the remote project url contains a space encoded like ‘%20’, UIPath seems to discard the encoding and use a literal space character. Try setting up a remote repository without a space to see if this resolves the malformed URL issue.

Hello GMontoy, I understand that, but the URL is not malformed. It complains of malformed URL because the GCP Git access via SSH stands on port 2222, and not on port 22.