Compiler error "row" is not declared

From Lesson 12 Practice 1. I am trying to run the Try Catch function…

" Find and add an Assign activity into the Try portion of the Try Catch .

  • It should assign cint(row(“Cash In”)) to cashIn .
    • This converts the cell value in the Cash In column of the current row to an integer and assigns it to cashIn ."

When I input cint(row(“Cash In”)) into the assign activity it shoots out the following compiler error… I noticed that in the past the Studio would auto fill “row” as a command when i start to type it in. Like its a preset option. It did not do that this time. This is very frustrating and a confusing Lesson for me.


You have to use For Each Row not for loop. For iterating dataTable we will use ForEach Row activity

HI @SkipE99

you have to use the “for Each Row” activity which is specifically there to loop through a datatable.

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Thank you

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