Issues running Platform Config Tool Pre-Installation Check

When running the “Test-PlatformReadiness” as admin I am getting an error " Orchestrator is not installed. Can not perform the rest of platform pre-installation checks." I have verified on the server in question That Orchestrator 20.10.8 is indeed installed. Has anyone ran into similar issues?


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Can you share the screenshot of the error? Also at what point this is showing?


Hey @Dustin_Howell ,

did you by any chance find out what the issue was?


I actually found a bug in the Platform Configuration Script.
It looks for a bin folder in the Orchestrator installation folder.
This it can find. Unfortunately the dll files it is looking for are not in this folder but in the main folder.
I am not sure why it looks in the bin but i assume that it has something to do with me trying to check before an update after already updating from another version before. (I started with 20.4, then updated to 20.10 and now I will do 21.10)
So propbably the path structure changed throughout the versions and the tool just doesn’t cover all update possibilities.
You can change the script manually to make it work.
Let me know if you still need it.