Issue with Setting Clipping region


Hope someone can help…doing the RPA Challenges, on #8, Citrix Google Calculator…I can able to open IE, get into Safari, type calculator and even add up 2 numbers, but issue with scraping the total (which needs to go into the Notepad)…tried scraping the OCR and looks fine, but does not come back with the same figure…so tried to set Clipping region and think I’m close just not copying my co-ordinates…any suggestions?..

Site is a great help, thanks to everyone for making it easier to learn UI Path.

Main.xaml (96.0 KB)

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Hi Chris - Did you try using Copy Text feature using web recorder on the total of the calculation. And also make sure that your selectors are validated.

Got it working…was trying the screen scraping but forgot that it was set to Google OCR and I was using IE…guess I need to make sure the selector is validated before trying other things.

Thanks for the help!

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