Problem with Clipping Region


I read values from many PDFs with OCR. Process opens automatically next PDF from directory when it has finished reading values with OCR. Have made recording with Citrix / Scrape relative. Recording adds automatically Translate and Reset Clipping Region activities.

I have done this before many times and everything works fine, but now i manage to read only first opened PDF values, when project execution opens second PDF in Acrobat, OCR gives error Scrape returned empty text.

I added Highlight activity to recorded workflow after Translate Clippion Region activity. It showed that in second PDF opened, region where OCR grabs text is not same anymore and keeps changing everytime new report is opened. It’s not even right size, size also keeps changing in every new report.

In first report Reset Clipping Region activity works fine, i manage to grab two values with OCR. But when new PDF is opened, region where text is going to OCR, is not right anymore.

Any help with this, is there bug in UI or am i missing something?

I find reason for problems. I just started using iMac 5K with Windows 10 installed with BootCamp. Previous UIPath Projects with Screen Scraping i have done with native PC.

I opened Project in native PC, recorded screen scrapings again and all started working as expected.

Any idea if UiPath and Win 10 in iMac works better with Parallels than with BootCamp?